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Grancaffè Irish
Following the original Celtic recipe, add suitably aged, pure malt whisky to your Grancaffè coffee. Contrast these strong flavours with a layer of cream
Grancaffè Viennese
The fragrances and aromas of Grancaffè espresso coffee and chocolate syrup, mixed also with cream. Add whipped cream sprinkled with cinnamon
Grancaffè Brasiliano
Add cocoa powder for aroma to your Grancaffè espresso coffee and serve in a glass
Grancaffè Marocchino
Moroccan-style mini-cappuccino frothed with cream and served in a glass – a layer of cocoa powder, cream, Grancaffè espresso coffee and a final sprinkling of cacao.
Grancaffè Shakerato
Pour a piping Grancaffè espresso coffee into a cocktail shaker with lots of ice, plus cane sugar. According to taste, add a touch of vanilla or almond liqueur.
Grancaffè in ghiaccio
Make a cup of Grancaffè espresso coffee. Pour the coffee into a glass with ice cubes, to cool the coffee quickly while maintaining its original fragrance and flavour.
Grancaffè nocciolato
This is a pleasing alternative to the traditional Grancaffè espresso coffee. Add a teaspoonful of hazelnut cream. You may want to cover this with a layer of cream, and add sugar.
Grancaffè con panna
Coffee with cream – a treat to be scooped up with a spoon. Your Grancaffè espresso coffee is served in a goblet. Add fresh cream and sugar according to taste.
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